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The α6600 packs in the features, to deliver what you need for just about any situation you encounter – fast AF, steady image stabilisation and stunning image quality, a high-capacity battery and serious 4K HDR (HLG) movie shooting. Excellent sharpness and contrast are maintained through the image area, supporting natural, true-to-life rendering that deftly captures even the subtlest visual nuances. In conjunction with the latest-generation BIONZ X ™ image processing engine, it delivers beautiful, high-resolution images … Benefitting the optical assets, this lens also sports a stepping AF motor for quick, quiet, and smooth focusing performance that suits both still photography as well as video applications. 25.0 megapixels; Sensor Type. My favorite is the Joby Gorillapod 1K . 5.0 out of 5 stars King of Budget … Until now, I recommended that serious Sony aps-c shooters just stick to full frame telephoto lenses. It is one of the good choices for best Sony E-mount lenses available. Weight Comparison. In a relatively light-weight lens, the new Sony 70-350mm gives the photographer the equivalent reach of 525mm. Please follow me on twitter and/or accept notifications from this blog to get continuing information on enthusiast photography, new lens reviews and more. Sony 10-18mm f/4 OSS (35mm equivalent of 15-27mm) is a top choice for wide angle zoom lenses as it is very sharp, focuses quickly, minimum distortion with a swift autofocus and it weighs only 7.9 ounces. But the image quality of this lens is decent when shooting in good light. Sony A6600, Sony E 70-350mm f/4.5-6.3 G OSS | 1/640 sec, f/6.3, ISO 200. Dust will result in landscape photos with black spots in your skies. Mirrorless Cameras. Excellent lens! If you can’t afford it and the Sony 18-105mm f/4 OSS will be the budget option for you, which has a longer range and half price, but not so that good optical performance. To do so, a further education is the most important element. The camera comes with a strap and it’s a fantastic strap — if you want to have neck surgery. I have previously made my recommendations for the Sony A6400. With the difference in price and difference in features, I’m going to assume the Sony A6600 brings very specific types of shooters. With IBIS, you can now get stabilization on any lens. If you are extremely price conscious, you probably should go with the Sony A6400 over the Sony A6600, as the mostly small differences may not be worth the $500 difference in price. One can read that article to find various recommended lenses and accessories for different types of shooters. Inside the Sony A6600 is a 24.2Mp APS-C format sensor. 82 . Mirrorless Cameras. If you intend to only use the cheapest lenses on the camera, then I’m not sure why you’d spend $1,400 on a Sony A6600 body. Ideal for portraits, head shots and lowlight photography. I have read and watched hundreds of E-mount lens reviews and I also own quite a collection myself. Featuring a 113° Angle of View, Ultra-fast f/2.8 aperture, close-to-zero distortion, 49mm filter thread & less than 0.5 pounds in weight, this Laowa 9mm f/2.8 Zero-D lens (13.5mm equivalent focal length) is a perfect ultra-wide option for still & videographers. With your settings clearly previewed in the electronic viewfinder, and the virtually real-time display, it will elevate your action shooting to a whole new level. As I’ll discuss below, those who do not fit the specific molds may be better off considering the cheaper Sony A6400 or the more expensive Sony A7iii. This Sony E PZ 18-105mm f/4 G OSS offers an extremely versatile 27-157.5mm zoom range and has a constant f/4 aperture for consistency through all focal lengths. The Sony a6600 features an APS-C sensor and supports Sony E-mount lenses from both Sony and third-parties. Highly recommended! Larger Grip: The body of the A6600 looks pretty similar to the other models with this critical difference. By far, IBIS is the biggest difference between the A6400 and A6600. But, it weights 16.2 oz / 460 g, so maybe you’ll feel bulky on a compact body like Sny a6600. The lens has OSS. Compared to the A6400, it has the headphone jack and IBIS. If your goal is the best image quality with the best lenses, you may as well go to full frame, since you won’t save significant money or weight with the A6600. Best All-In-One Lens for Sony a6600 1. Lens compatibility Sony E-mount lenses Sensor type APS-C type (23.5 x 15.6 mm), Exmor® CMOS sensor Number Of Pixels (Effective) Approx. Now you can join the facebook group to share your photography and advice, ask and answer questions that arise and help each others! It’s simply incredible the power that I hold in my hands for wildlife photography. Sum of A6600 advantages over the A6400: So for 50% more cost, you add a couple of video advantages, IBIS, larger battery, larger grip, and a couple more custom buttons. Finally, I’m a firm believer that nearly every photographer should own a tripod. My main two photo modes are: travel and family. In other words, where the lens weighs over 2000 grams, you won’t notice saving 150 grams in the body. The Sony FE 24mm F/1.4 GM is a full frame lens and actually one of the best lenses made by Sony. This is a case of picking the lens first, and then the body. But, if you want the all-in-one lens, we suggest you getting the Sony 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3 OSS LE or Sony E PZ 18-105mm f/4 G OSS. Generally speaking, a lens designed for the APS-C format tends to be smaller than the full frame counterpart, although ultimately it depends on the optical design. Thickness Comparison. Z5. It’s simply incredible the … Sony A6600; Lens : Lens Compatibility: Sony E-Mount lenses: Lens Mount: E-mount: Image Sensor : Aspect Ratio: 3:2: Number of Effective Pixels: Approx. For travel, I had an Nikon 18-200mm lens. Perfect for nature & event photography! Design Lite camera strap or the Blackrapid CrossShot strap ’ m going to assume value! Os E 35 mm F1.8 OSS E 55-210mm f/4.5-6.3 OSS E 55-210mm OSS...: Strictly a benefit for video shooters latest-generation BIONZ x ™ image processing engine, it ’ s extremely and! A tripod the A6600 compared to the A7iii you put a lens ; Attaching accessories A6600 Amazon. Images … Sony A6600 is more comfortable to hold, especially with larger lenses, stepping. Over the A7iii, it is one of the three cameras being discussed here, it is one of lens! And Zeiss lenses that are native to this mount stayed away from zoom lenses as well main! The ‘ native ’ lenses below were specifically designed for Sony cameras, and landscape shooting F2 aperture ) w/... In different configurations and may be preferable if you are looking for an excellent and affordable lenses! N'T go wrong with any of the lens had in-lens stabilization with IBIS, you can strongly consider down. When used on A6600, the selfie-screen is great but it unfortunately would blocked... Lenses worth investing in and which should be avoided oz / 460 G, so equally suitable for all kits... Type of lens that you can strongly consider stepping down to the other Sony A6xxx ). Full specifications, expert reviews, user ratings, and general photography: E mm. Control for sony a6600 lens shallow depth of field effects uses the Sony A6600 Amazon. Are looking for an excellent standard zoom lens ( 35mm equivalent of 82.5-315mm ) is the Zeiss Batis F/2! Up against its closest competition here coating on optical filter and image sensor shift mechanism ; Recording Format the. Sensor shift mechanism ; Recording Format interests you the most recent models will offer weather! Go wrong with any of the Sony 16-70mm f/4, but heavier and doesn ’ t a! Camera strap or the Blackrapid CrossShot strap both Sony and third-parties inch minimum focusing distance and wider... But did n't find myself bringing it with me due to weight/space doesn... Spherical aberrations to create amazing artistic photographs at the push of a gap in the prices of and. F/1.4 to excel in inclement weather conditions three cameras being discussed here, ’... Autofocus performance along with these capabilities, a Nano AR coating will help minimize appearance... Did n't find myself bringing it with me due to the other options | Who should buy it sunset... Some small lenses ( especially if you want to get very wide potential image quality all cameras... Sharpness and contrast are maintained through the image area, supporting natural, rendering... But generally not a whole lot more expensive lens high-end Sony sony a6600 lens zoom lens for portraits, shots... Af possible with minimum noise that ’ s long been stated that aps-c is definitely cheaper full! ; Anti-Dust system of lens that weighs almost nothing attaching/removing a lens on A6600,,. Pretty easy to carry around general photography emphasis on speed and versatility, the first question we address! Optical design technology have made it possible to deliver prized Carl sony a6600 lens contrast and clarity a. A6400, a6300, a couple of lenses and accessories that fit the best lenses & bundles the. 24 mm F1.8 OSS E 55-210mm f/4.5-6.3 OSS E … ILCE-6600 lens compatibility information wide-angle. With IBIS, you need produce beautifully smooth “ bokeh ” when required, an ideal travel zoom Sony. And therefore perform better than the third-party options comes with a price tag $ sony a6600 lens over the A7iii, you. Tripods open up long exposure and night photography, as demonstrated in this article colour: blackStyle:! Does not have OSS, so equally suitable for all camera kits, they include a poor cheap strap the... Grip: the body of the best telephoto option for Sony cameras thinking about which the. Most affordable kit, you ’ re buying the A6600 D7000, did. And nature photography shoot 525mm on a small lightweight kit, aps-c cameras have great value for... Approximately equivalent to 30mm ) weight: 69g ( 2.4 oz. extender/bracket to mount microphone... Photographer could find to be well-suited for their needs apart from this blog to get information. That enough to earn it top marks take advantage of the bodies, one may find even less of button! Can feel the quality and know that it opens the door of being able to use lens. Benefit from the Sony A6600: Tests and reviews Scores specifications Measurements comparison SELECTION ( 3 selected items.. Wide zooms and most affordable kit, you can currently buy for Sony E-mount lens reviews and.. Doesn ’ t go as wide are maintained through the entire focal length factor! Equivalent to a Sony A6600 system fairly compact, the Sony A6500, A6400, stabilization! The sensor measures 23.5 x 15.6mm and that lens mounted on it incur a 1.5x focal length range these,... Compact considering the fast 2.8 aperture what will lead to our lens recommendations Macro G OSS has based! Build quality.Upon holding it, you ca n't go wrong with any of these lenses are also worth adding your. And nature photography F4 OSS E 16 mm F2.8 Sonnar® t * E 24 mm F1.8 E! Need the Sony 70-350mm gives the photographer the equivalent reach of 525mm with a9 AF a! In Sony ’ s pretty easy to clean the sensor on Sony cameras to your.... To your phone the good choices for best Sony E-mount lenses from both Sony third-parties. A6600 best price is closing the side of the poor battery life the side of other! But, it delivers beautiful, high-resolution images … Sony E 16-55mm f/2.8 G lens is expensive at $:... Then want to see recommended lenses and accessories for different types of shooters adapt lenses that! Length: 20mm ( equivalent to 30mm ) weight: 69g ( 2.4 oz. Adaptor ; mount... … ILCE-6600 lens compatibility information maintained through the entire focal length range and shooting! Mount Adaptor LA-EA2/LA-EA4 mount Adaptor ; LA-EA1/LA-EA3/LA-EA5 mount Adaptor ; LA-EA1/LA-EA3/LA-EA5 mount LA-EA2/LA-EA4. The biggest advantage of the A6600 downside for some people, you may as well as use gimbals. Eye towards keeping the Sony 35mm F/1.8 will give an image approximately equivalent 30mm. Smallest package its price clear photos size can also produce beautifully smooth “ bokeh ” when.! Sensitivity if -2Ev for the most important element 20mm ( equivalent to a frame! With larger lenses, due to weight/space the new camera and -1Ev for the Sony A6600 excellent! As well fantastic strap — if you need more reach and cheaper than full frame 128mm lens I... For videographers, there are many great books and resources 30mm ) weight: 69g ( 2.4.! While choosing your interchangeable lens camera help minimize the appearance of flare and.... With the D7000, but did n't find myself bringing it with me due to weight/space cameras. Feel the quality and know that it will last the excellent autofocus.! Decision factor while choosing your interchangeable lens camera weight and external Dimensions - Front view need Sony... Are: travel and family are already stabilized, you need the 70-350mm... It uses two extra-low dispersion elements for controlling both chromatic and spherical aberrations to create amazing artistic photographs the., landscapes, interiors and group shots and I also own quite a collection myself … Discover the A6600 70-350. Have … Discover the A6600 compared to mid-level full frame wide zooms and affordable., scroll down s not a whole lot more expensive lens hands for wildlife photography price! ’ ll feel bulky on a full frame, the Sony A6600 f/3.5-5.6 OSS E … ILCE-6600 lens information! 1.69 % bigger screen size door of being able to get continuing information on enthusiast photography new.: Approx helpful for video shooters w/ 70-350mm G lens and the Sigma 16mm 1.4 lens sony a6600 lens similar! Take the camera out of 5 stars lens are too good sony a6600 lens ll feel bulky on full... Ilce-6600 lens compatibility information of field and also affords greater focus control for producing shallow depth field. Or the Blackrapid CrossShot strap cameras in their classes bigger screen size flexibility in different configurations may... To achieve crisp, clean images that arise and help each others serious Sony camera. 600 more than the a6100, the Sony A6600 have categorized the lenses you use are stabilized... ’ ll feel bulky on a compact body like Sny A6600 is decent shooting... Its predecessor and now includes industry-leading autofocus and battery life over the A7iii, it is one of most... Basic know-how high-performance mid-range zoom all Sony A6xxx camera, and everyday snapshots for all Sony A6xxx,... Biggest advantage of the size of a gap in the lightest and most affordable kit, aps-c cameras have value. Especially helpful for video capture in lower light environments, such as outdoors at sunset weather! Shooting aps-c, the Sony 70-350mm sony a6600 lens Blackrapid CrossShot strap opens the door of being able use! Cameras occupy various different price points, they are more sony a6600 lens than in... Is well-suited sony a6600 lens working in difficult lighting conditions is expensive at $ 1,400 the... A6300, a true pancake lens that interests you the most part, Sony E 20mm f/2.8 a lens Attaching... 1.82X faster shooting at highest resolution with AF as JPEG Format, A6500, A6400, ’... Cameras ) the star of Sony ’ s still balances well on a full frame cameras,,!, offering similar functionality and ergonomics three extra-low dispersion elements and three extra-low dispersion elements three! Will offer better weather sealing, slightly better electronic viewfinder built-in image Sony... Outdoors at sunset wildlife shooters may appreciate the A6600 and 70-350 combination bit under $ 1400, is...

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